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North Avenue Surgery is contracted by NHS Lanarkshire to provide essential services such as the basic treatment of ill people. We also provide the following Additional and Enhanced Services:

Child Health Surveillance

Your baby’s six week examination will be undertaken by one of the GPs in the surgery. You will receive an appointment directly from NHS Lanarkshire Health Board. All your child’s standard immunisations will be provided by the Health Visitors and you will be notified directly by the Health Board when your child is due a vaccine.

Mothers 6
Week Check

These were traditionally always done 6 weeks after a baby was born. These are now done by telephone review if required only – they can involve discussion of contraception or any health issues you are experiencing. Please contact the practice if you feel you need a 6 week check appointment after delivery and our reception team will book a telephone appointment with a GP. If we need to see you in person based on our discussion with you, we will book this for you.

Contraceptive Services

The team at North Avenue Surgery provide family planning advice and monitoring of contraception including the traditional ‘pill check’. We can also carry out implant insertion and contraceptive injection administration. Please make a telephone appointment with Sister Dougal if you require contraceptive advice.

There is recent evidence that there can be a more effective way to take the combined contraceptive pill than the 21:7 method you may be used to. Please click below if you wish to explore further options.

Maternity Services

We will look after you, from pre-natal and conception counselling to antenatal care and postnatal follow up. In most cases, on discovering you are pregnant you can call the maternity self-booking service on 0141 531 4180 for Lanarkshire and 0141 232 4005 for Glasgow. If you have a chronic medical condition or are taking prescription medication, you can speak to us about how this affects your pregnancy

Joint Injections

Dr Howie can carry out joint injections including shoulder, elbow, knee and trigger finger injections. If you think you may benefit from one of these procedures please book in for a telephone consultation with Dr Howie who will discuss the procedure with you and book an appointment for you if necessary.

Travel Vaccinations

If you think you may need vaccinations for an upcoming trip please inform our reception team. We will ask you to complete a travel form which will then allow our nursing team to assess what vaccinations you require and book you an appointment for these. Please bear in mind that vaccinations can often take at least 6 weeks to become effective so ensure you hand in the questionnaire 8 weeks prior to travel.

Chronic Disease Management

Annual comprehensive reviews with Sisters Dougal and Bissett are offered for patients with heart disease, stroke disease, diabetes, asthma and COPD. Any problems with your treatment will be identified by the nurse and referred to a GP if necessary.

Near Patient Testing (NPT)

Near patient testing involves the monitoring of a range of medications, mostly immune system suppressing medication. This generally includes blood tests, blood pressure and urine tests and it saves you trips to the hospital just to have these tests done.

Sexual Health Services

We offer full STI testing including Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, HIV (Hep B &C if deemed necessary) using swabs, urine and blood tests. All tests are carried out by our team of nursing staff. All results are of course strictly confidential.

Nursing Homes

The team at North Avenue Surgery cares for patients at Flemington Care Home, Duncraggan Care Home and also for residents at David Walker Gardens. We review patients in each of the 3 homes twice weekly to manage any acute illnesses and monitor health conditions.

Non-NHS Work

In addition to the NHS work, which we prioritise, we are able to provide some non-NHS services. As this is a private service, these are generally charged at a set fee as suggested by the British Medical Association. These services include completion of insurance paperwork, HGV medicals, adoption medicals, Camp America medicals, DVLA reports etc. Please note that power of attorney forms are not done in the practice and if this is required you should discuss this with your solicitor.

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